Hello my name is ChefDavit. Chef/Owner of Gita's Mobile Cafe. so let start with why I named my food truck GITA. it come from my mother's nickname. The one person that give me the knowledge and passion to cook. (Mommy) Rise by a single mother, I always had a calling to kitchen even we had gathering and  my cousin was out playing. I was in the kitchen trying to help. I was raised that all great cooking comes from LOVE. when I received my high school diploma , I went to a culinary art program. and find my calling. I went in to restaurant industry over 26 years, where I've been a Line Cook, Sous Chef, Exc. Chef. worked in 5 Star restaurant, Mom & Pop restaurant, Country Club, Catering events. I TRULY BELIEVE YOU HAVE TO LOVE WHAT YOU DO.  I sure you that I definitely love that I do. I love bring my Latin favor to American upbringing.. combining both culture and make a fusion unlike no other  




"Something is always cooking in Gita's Mobile Cafe in Cherry Hill, NJ. Named for Mama Gita, who inspired owner, Chef Davit, to explore his love of food, this fusion food truck combines the flavors of Puerto Rico with mainland favorites. This might be a traditional Puerto Rican mofongo or a Philly cheesesteak, or a uniquely fused Cilantro Burger, a 1/4 pound of beef with grilled chicken, pork, and plantain hash topped with avocado salsa. Gita's Mobile Cafe is serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you'll have to catch this tasty food truck before their schedule fills up!"